Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I love receiving packages.

I received not one, not two, but three new packages today! Here's a preview.

I haven't had time to take 'em out yet. But they are.... Beautiful. Random, but beautiful.

Another angle. Yay!

The other one in the set. See how random they are?

I LOVE THIS BACKPACK. Dialga & Palkia are on the sides.

The seller sent me the Buizel on the left at first. But, I already had him, and the auction showed a different one. I emailed the seller, and he shipped out the correct one the following day! Comparison of three entirely different Buis. Circled is the new one.

Goodies from pheonixxfoxx! The Salamence is tiny, but oh, so adorable. Not shown is a Pokemon Center bag from 2000! And the Absol drawing - Too cute for words, I saved it of course, I love it <3 Thanks again!

Holo Shinx from fernchu (W/ amazing freebies), Italian Shinx featherclaw (w/ amazing drawing). Yay, two more Kolink! Thanks guys :D

I got these last week - YAY. I have pulled each Lv X card from the MT series. .....And I still can't get that damn Garchomp.

So tomorrow I'll post an updated Buizel plush collection. I originally planned to do it earlier, but for the reason in my post.... I couldn't D:
Tags: blastoise, buizel, charizard, charmeleon, electivire, monferno, salamence, shinx, squirtle, staraptor
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