Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Jensoxen GA Extras, TY Beanies and Info

I have returned from vacation, and have started packaging up the Jensoxen GA.
Lifesize GA: I am just finishing checking over who has paid and who has not for Payment #2, I will update the spreadsheet in the next hour, and pay the middleman service, even if we're out a payment or two. Eeek! Exciting!

All but two TY Beanies were posted well over a week ago, with the exception of donny9 and breethezebra. Yours will go out with some super shiny stickers on Friday. I am very sorry for your wait, I just didn't get them sent in time before my holiday.

Jensoxen GA extras! These are for participants only for 24hrs - I will have PMed every participant with a link to this post, and first come first served. If you did not participate you may put your name down for an item IF it does not get claimed.
The prices include any change they make to postage, so they are cheapy cheap! Be reasonable in your claims, please.

NOT INCLUDED: Kyogre, Slakoth Tin Circle

All 3 discs and Launcher / loose kids - $1.00 each
GONE: Wailmer

Beans, Top 3 Custom figures - $0.75 / Everything else $0.50

GONE: Crustle, Lillipup, Castform, Wailord, Mamoswine

Stickers - 1 free per person
Evolving cards (they change when tilted) - $0.50 each

Also! I have one last lot of TY Beanie Babies up for direct sale.
This is your last chance to definitely grab some from me in time for Christmas.
Each beanie is $10 plus postage - $4 to outside Europe and $3.50 to Europe. Postage discount applies for multiple beanies.

3 x Pikachu 2 x Pikachu
4 x Snivy 3 x Snivy
5 x Oshawott 3 Oshawott
2 x Axew
2 x Pansage
1 x Tepig
2 x Cardboard tray with full art on the sides - Make an offer, they are ridiculously sturdy.
Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June 2011
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