amandajo567 (amandajo567) wrote in pkmncollectors,

If this isn't an appropriate post I will change the topic just let me know<3
Has anyone heard from the user Krokorok?
I tried contacting them on some things I bought a loooong time ago (July actually)
and never received but they haven't replied back to me. I've tried twice now. Does anyone know if they are okay? Or did you yourself ever receive items from this users last sales post, if you purchased anything?
I was just curious before I leave a negative feedback T ^ T
Also a want: for someone else to please do wailord pick ups. I need that wailord in my life. I made a mistake. I need youuu orz.XD
so yeah. >O> Wailord plush cushion is my want right now. I have plenty others but, this one takes the cake at the moment. :3
So in the odd case that you ordered one and it wasn't satisfactory ;o; hit me up please. :)
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