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japanese tcg sales!

So today I received quite a few packages, two of which were from AmiAmi and SMJ! =3
I got the Japanese Zekrom EX and Reshiram EX decks and a few promos and BW3 SRs.
I sifted through the packages and with me here are the extras.
They include cards from the Zekrom/Reshiram decks, BW3 EX cards, and promos ranging from the L-P era to the BW-P era, and some other cards as well as the coins from the decks!
This is just a few of the cards that are for sale in this post:

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on August 3, 2011.

Reshiram EX - $10.00
Growlithe x1, Tympole x2 - $0.75 Each
Arcanine, Palpitoad - $1.00
Glaceon - $1.50
Eevee x2 - $1.00 Each

Ultra Ball x3, Switch - $0.50 Each
Random Receiver x1 (Features Prof. Juniper)- $0.75 Each
Pokemon Catcher - $2.00
Professor Juniper x3 - $1.50 Each
N - $1.50
Cheren x3 - $1.00 Each
Double Colorless Energy - $0.75
Fire Energy / Water Energy - $0.10 Each

Zekrom EX - $10.00
Leafeon - $1.50
Dwebble x2 - $0.75 Each
Crustle - $1.00
Shinx x2 - $0.75 Each
Luxio - $1.00
Eevee x2 - $1.00 Each

[Same as Reshiram EX deck but different symbol]
Ultra Ball x3, Switch - $0.50 Each
Random Receiver x3 (Features Prof. Juniper)- $0.75 Each
Pokemon Catcher - $2.00
Professor Juniper x3 - $1.50 Each
N - $1.50
Cheren x3 - $1.00 Each
Double Colorless Energy - $0.75
Grass Energy / Lightning Energy - $0.10 Each

Regigigas EX - $10.00
Kyogre EX - $10.00

Axew Promo, Ducklett Promo, Gigalith Promo, Patrat Promo - $3.00 Each
Litwick Promo - $4.00
Fire Energy Promo [Holo], Lightning Energy Promo [Holo], FIghting Energy Promo [Holo], Darkness Energy Promo [Holo] - $3.00 Each
Leavanny Promo, Swanna Promo, Purrloin Promo, Watchog Promo [All have dented top right corner] - $2.00 Each

Grass Energy Promo [Holo], Water Energy Promo [Holo], Psychic Energy Promo [Holo], Steel Energy Promo [Holo] - $3.00 Each
Reuniclus Promo [Sealed in plastic wrap] - $4.00
Lucario Holo Promo - $5.00
Riolu Promo, Meowth Promo, Luxio Promo - $3.00 Each

Grass Holo Promo, Fire Holo Promo, Lightning Holo Promo, Psychic Holo Promo, Darkness Holo Promo - $3.00 Each
Teddiursa Holo Promo, Houndour Holo Promo, Electabuzz Holo Promo - $3.00 Each
Sentret Holo Promo [Edge imperfections] - $2.00
Noctowl Holo Promo - $5.00
Zangoose Holo Promo [Scratches and Edge Imperfections] - $2.00

[Zekrom coin has sparkles while Reshiram coin has wavy shiny design]
Zekrom Deck Coin - $1.50
Reshiram Deck Coin - $1.50

Also take a look at my regular sales post here:

Here you'll find a TON more Japanese cards, English TCG, Pokédolls, figures, and more! :3
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