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quickie sales and offers! stamps, stickers and kids

Hello! I'm in the process of trying to clear some old sales items (as well as leftovers from a recent SMJ box and a very ancient pan sticker GA) from my inventory, and decided to start out with the little things. Included in the post are offers for chibi stampers as well as straight sales for even more chibi stampers, 60 pan stickers (most for $1.00 each), and miscellaneous kids figures (and an oddly placed Hasbro Aggron figure). Please check it out- after reading the sales guidelines, of course!

Sales Guidelines:
- Please buy a minimum of $3.00 worth of merchandise before shipping. It helps to save on shipping materials!
- Shipping prices for stickers will be $1.00 to the US and $2.00 international. Shipping prices for stamps and figures begin at $2.50 to the USA and $3.00 international. On top of that, an additional handling fee will be incurred based on the final price.
- I will not hold items for you or another person as I have had bad experiences with holds in the past. If you want to combine items with a stamp that's up for offers, you may either buy ahead of time and I can hold on to it for you, or buy after the auction.
- Payment is due within 24 hours. If not paid for within this time frame, negative feedback will be left.
- All community buying & selling guidelines apply.
- Please wait up to a week for me to ship items! I'm on the tail end of being sick so it may be a few days before I go out. ;~;

Up For Offers:

Chibi stampers! Each one still has ink and is ready to use. These will be up for offers until I see a price I like, if there's no offers within 24 hours of the previous offer, or no later than Saturday, November 12 at 5:59 PM US CST. The starting price is the minimum I will accept.

Ivysaur - starts @ $4.00
Flareon - starts @ $10.00
Growlithe - starts @ $10.00
Kabutops - starts @ $5.00
Arbok - starts @ $5.00
Nidorino - starts @ $5.00

Straight Sales:

Golbats - $2.00 for all three
Other Chibi Stampers - $1.00 each
SOLD: Pinsir, Primeape, Graveler Exeggutor, Drowzee, Geodude

Hasbro Aggron - $4.00
Zoroark, Clear Porygon kids - $5.00
Buizel, Floatzel, Gabite kids - $4.00 each
Pichu, Donphan & clear Wailmer kids - $3.00 each

Pan Stickers

Growlithe - $3.00
Dunsparce - $2.00

Raticate, Tauros, Drowzee, Hypno - $1.00 each

All $1.00 each
SOLD: Marowak

All $1.00 each
SOLD: Corsola, Mantyke, Mantine, Golduck, Venonat

All $1.00 each
SOLD: Hitmontop
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