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Crocheted Golbat Bell Plush!

Meet Galileo, the Golbat! He enjoys flying around trees for hours, all the while thinking of how being a Crobat will make his job as a cargo carrier easier. In his spare time he enjoys laying back and listening to the classics from the 1950's. Anyone for a little Nat King Cole?

Here he is in all his bell plushie goodness....

How can he not be cute with his little bell?!
I'm not sure what colour to paint it... I was thinking light blue, but a nice light purple might look good, too... eh?

Time to head out to visit a friend...

It's Ellie, the Electabuzz!
"I've been waiting for half an hour, next time use a map, Galileo! >:|"

"I'll make it up to you, for we shall go sight seeing today! :D"
Galileo used "Fly"!

"Hmm...Okay, I'll admit it, we had a good day."
"Ladies always love the heart.. ;D"

Time to rest and enjoy the rest of the day, ciao everyone! :D

This little Golbat was made during the weekend in my spare time and while I started another two on Sunday I will finish them next weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed a day in the life of a bell plush. 8D
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