DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My mixed lot GA has arrived!!! Final Payment Due! Update on Kid Lot GA

Firstly, you guys who participated in the kid GA, James is waiting for an invoice and will get back to me with any discounts or such. :) Anyways on to my mixed tomy lot GA. Shipping is as such: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! When you send your payment PLEASE include your username and what you purchased. A few of you didn't the first time and I have no idea who you are! XD Anyways, send as goods pleaze :D Send payment to

Beriel: Venasaur, Croconaw, and Pidgeotto Tomys: 3.40 US              4.40 International

Autumrain: Zapdos BK Card: 2.70 US          3.70 International

Jesslyra: Scyther BK Card: 2.70 US            3.70 International

Rypeltajaroll: Ponyta Tomy: 2.70 US            3.70 International

Angelfish3: Rapidash Tomy: 2.70 US          3.70 International

Mitgas: Lapras, Quilava, Magikarp, and Gyardos Tomys: 3.60 US            4.60 International

Rtrolezi: Poliwhirl, Weedle, Alakazam, and Togepi Tomys: 3.60 US        4.60 International

Jerybunny: Talking Psyduck figure, Wortortle, Ninetales, and Oddish tomys: 5.60 US (psyduck is really heavy and needs new batteries!)      6.60 International

Kevingeorgem: Large Hasbro Venasaur and Blastoise: 7.60 US            9.60 International (requires a larger package, also you were interested in Caterpie and Kingler but never sent another payment, if you still want them add an extra 2$ on to the payment you send please! :) thanks!)

I think I got everyone! When I receive payments, everything will be shipped ASAP. My computer just got sent out for fixing so I'm running off of my iPod for now to do things (please keep this in mind). Extras will be posted when my computer is back.
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