Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Moved shelves around, mini update!

Big pics!

I also got a bit lazy, so you can see my ugly walls in some pics. Oops.


To the left you can see some of my Finneon/Lumineon (at the bottom)
But this shows nearly everything!

Starting from the top!

Most of my plush! I say most, because some are in the bottom shelf, and Arceus hangs with the fightings.

And what a hoarde of fightings it is! I need to figure a way to shove another half-shelf in there for future fights.



Obviously, I favor some over others!

Next, this shelf!
My misc collections sit here, along with my well-loved Dunsparce!

Dunsparce Corner!
This is a complete Dunsparce collection.
Actually, as far as I know, I only need one Armada sticker and I have everything!

I really gotta find a place for that puzzle
Kaiyodo figures and some misc. I love Umbreon and Charmeleon, but I can't justify a collection. So it's just a mini collection. They may move to the bottom shelf someday, but for now, they are here with the Kaiyodo figures!

When I started weeding out non-fights, I couldn't bring myself to sell my Zoroarks. So I decided - Zoroark is an honorary fighting-type in my collection!
I mean, she's awesome enough, right?

Oh, and my metal Grimer army. I couldn't bring myself to sell them. They're so happy, I had to keep them!

And the bottom shelf. This consists mostly of items that fit under "I don't collect it, but I love them too much to sell" category. Also a little bit of Mystery Dungeon merch. Silly me, I forgot to put the pencil tin I just got there.

Okay, so you may have noticed that I missed a shelf.

This is my Gen 5 Fighting colle-- of course it's empty. It's going to house the Muskedeers and Timburr-line.
They've had like no merch.

Again, I forgot to put my Snivy Timburr tin there. Damnit, Rythen.

A closeup. You really don't need a closeup of the other corner, I just don't know where to put that Premier ball.

You can probably guess that Terrakion is my favorite of the trio. You are correct.

It's small now, but that shelf will start to fill come Feb.

My body room is ready. Bring it on, Pokecen.

Oh yeah, I updated my sales post with a couple TFG, and organized the card pics. Lowered the price of the Victini poster, too.

February is going to be an exciting month!
Tags: arceus, collection, dunsparce, hitmontop, lucario, medicham, terrakion, timburr, zoroark
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