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and now... there are sales! pickups! and auctions! including plush by the amazing BABY LONDON STAR!!

all of my sales policies can be seen here.

first off, two new pickups added to sunyshore (canvas will be up soon too, don't fret!) please note i can also combine anything in this sales post with upcoming canvas orders or previous pepsi figure orders. just ask!

three auctions: for a rare and official shiny lucario MC+ and two BABY LONDON STAR raikou custom plush.

all auctions will end at midnight EST on monday, november 14th.
please bid in the appropriate threads.

first up: an extremely rare mint condition shiny lucario MC+. i have almost never seen another one of these in a collection. he will begin at 60$.

second: possibly the cutest raikou custom ever made. he was a pokedoll design before there was a pokedoll, therefore he is 100% unique and there is only one like him in the world. he's in great condition with a bit of curl to his whiskers and tail. he has hand embroidered details with professionally done iron-on stripes. he is by baby london star, and she will probably never make a raikou again -- so this is your chance!

he will begin at 350$. this is the least amount i will sell him for!

he is also the number ONE popular hit for "raikou plush" on deviantart!

and finally: another baby london star custom. he was a shiny minky pokedoll made before they decided to go official with the idea. his colors are extremely vivid and his minky is extremely fluffy. he is the same pattern as the official doll, but together they look very different. if you thought shiny raikou should have bright golden yellows and deep orange colors -- this is the pokedoll for you! he will begin at 150$.

and now...for random things sales!

soap figures!
minccino: 20$
all the rest: 5$

reshiram/zekrom movie bucket. you can see both sides of this bucket in the image. there are two buckets for sale!
bucket with lanyard: 25$
bucket without lanyard: 20$

cute metal clips! and a ring!
poliwag ring: 20$
charizard, butterfree, charmander, mareep, hoppip, bellossom: 8$
all the rest: 5$

pendants and necklaces with chains!
round pendants: 12$ each
pikachus and pichus: 5$ each

a set of authentic darkrai genga -- hand, pencil drawn sketches by the animators of pokemon anime. these were used in the darkrai vs. cresselia episode of diamond and pearl anime. i am asking 80$ for the set.

finally... a rock and steel type collection to go (don't fret, i did keep some, i promise!). make any offers.

thanks for looking guys!
PS: do feel free to haggle :)
PPS: still need PEPSI FIGURE PAYMENTS from the following folks. be sure to click the link to see your totals!

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