Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

shining celebi what?

I was in the Houston Toys R Us today, and I happened to pick up the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon guide book. I looked through it a bit for Pachirisu sprites, and then turned it around... and on the back, there were some Pokemon.. one of which was a Shiny Celebi! Does this mean we can get shining Pokemon in PMD2? -hyperventilate-

Also, I picked up a few cards... and... I got Darkrai lvX (this one to be exact)~~ yay. Well of course I don't want it, I want to sell it. I've got a pretty good idea of how much it's worth from seeing it on eBay. If you'd like it, offer reasonably and we'll go from there. I can't ship anything out till this weekend though, as I am visiting my aunt in Texas. :)

And um.. when I'm not hanging out in the pool or touring the town, I'd like to get to work on a few commissions and such. Only I don't have any to do. xD Here's my deviantART for an idea of what you'd get, and, as always, I let the customer choose the price they want to pay (either before or after I see the image). So please deprive me of boredom! < 333
Tags: custom, darkrai
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