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Hey guys, I'm sorry if you were epcteding a PM from me today about shipping for Jensoxen's GA, I have been hit with a chest infection that's left my brain in a sort of puffy cotton wool state. I can't concentrate fully (e.g. Earlier I came upstairs with a drink and some Paracetamol to lower my temperature, promptly lost the tablets, couldn't remember if I'd taken them or not. So I had to wait 4 hours to try again). I can ramble though.
So uh.. You really don't want me doing your sums (or maybe you do...!) So rather than try than today and endue pith completely wrong totals, I'm going to try and get it done tomorrow!, This wasn't' intended to be some kind of pity post, but I wanted to explain.

On a plus note, I have paid for the Lifesize GA (link) that technicolorcage has been co-organising, and it has left Noppin's depot yesterday.
I have had to cover Jazzbie's non-payment. I am out of pocket, and considering Jazzbie's plush was a 1:1 Turtwig that probably accounts for a large smack of the total postage.
I want to apologise to the participants who have done their best to pay on time, or who paid when reminded. You guys are awesome, and you make running GAs a rewarding experience through your enthusiasm.

To lighten to mood, here's some random snappy snaps of my recent gets and collection, but firstly some bootlegs that roughly reflect how I feel right now:

Look at those feeble acrylic shelves bulge under the weight of the Pikachu kids that I do not collect. I don't have normal pikachu, dittochu, facepulling chu or one of the sitting pikas. So obviously I'm not a collector. </stealth wants post>
Hilariously that stand was sold as a shelving unit for die cast metal buses. Can you even imagine how hilariously badly that would end.

Messy messy chest of drawers. I pick thing up and cuddle them too often for there to be any particular order to it all. I really need a second suurface for my stuffed beasties but I have an attic room, so space is fairly limited.

I don't think I've shown an updated figure pile for a while... New additions include some eeveelutions, a candy ball Vulpix with the saddest story, and sitting mew. Only one of which you can see. And I still don't collect pikachus... You gotta believe me.
Most of them have come from UK job lots (including 2 Sparkys, one surfing pika and two totem-pikas), so I rarely buy them intentionally.

Bootie pika is my fave ^

Other things I don't collect indclude Groudon and bunnies..

I had amazing raindog luck with a GA and a chou gachapon machine - I put in one coin and out popped my blue lady. <3
Articuno, eyes front please.

Alright, I may have bought these deliberately.

Deets... Yep! That is all six Pikachu gachapon charms, it only took me 8 coins to get them! I do like the new rounder-faced Pikachu design that seems to have cropped up lately.

Did you know the back of the dot-sprite pikachu notepad was embossed with glossy, tiny pikachus? Well now you do. Also flipping the pages gives a flipbook style 360 spin of him.

Things! Myserious things! I love them all. Who's in that masterball? Why does charizard have a metal lined hole in his base?

It's Lucario! Who I cannot think of an occasion where he would ever be in a masterball, but there you go. If you drop him on something metal, the ball pops open. Magnets, how do they work?

Charizard is made by TOMY and I have no idea why he's likee that. ANy ideas folks?

Chibicario is very very cool. But also fairly scuffed so I have to work out if I wanna repaint his grey with some citadel paints or just enjoy him.

I onlly relally collect Lucario stuff that I think is cool... My hoard thus far.

I think I've rambled enough now...
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