toukoxn (toukoxn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Beanie babies

Hey everyone, it's been while since I've been here.

I was surfing ebay for Snivy merchandise and I discovered Pokemon beanie babies! I must have them! I collect beanie babies and naturally I need Pokemon beanie babies.

I want the full set ideally. But if that proves to be too expensive for me right now I might have to narrow it down to the three starters, or just a single Snivy.

And I guess while I'm here, I know a long while ago an N tcg card came out. I really need this in my life. What other official N merchandise are there? I haven't been following the community lately so I really don't know what I've been missing.

One more question...Jakks Pacific Plushies...I haven't seen the new set that includes Chillarmy, Pansage, Kibago, at my local stores. How long has it been since that came out? I hope my walmarts and toys r us get them soon =( This is the second B/W set of Jakks right? I have the first set. I feel like I'm missing out on so much lately!

Thanks everyone!

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