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This Is What "Holy Grail" Means To Me

This post, for the sake of my own inability to describe what has just come into my collection, is going to be very simple. Pay attention.

It's a post which consists mainly of photos, and very, very little text. I do not want to describe what these are, simply because I feel the technicalities of them take away from their beauty. (If people are beyond lost, however, I will elaborate in the comments to the fullest extent of my abilities and knowledge.)

I want the community to gaze on these, wonder what their exact history is; if they know what they are, think about how surprisingly few owners these might have had, just how amazing they are in condition given their age and limited production. These are a permanent, sacred addition to the collectorviper trust. These will never leave my personal collection. You don't hear about these when you're a kid, grow up aspiring to get them one day, and then get them to only sell them down the track should interests wane.

It started with a simple box.

With a bundle of protection.

And three simple cards.

This is the only complete set of this year group to exist together outside of the PTCG archive.

The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament's champion is recognized here, and this honor is praised.
This proves that the person who possesses this card participated in the Second Pokémon Card Game Best in Japan Deciding Match.

Thank you for walking the journey with me. If I stopped collecting now, I would genuinely be happy with the collection I have attained. I don't think I can really describe just how big a thing that is for me to say.
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