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Gets, sales and Christmas charm GB!!!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! I just wanted to show you some neat things I got :D

The final piece I wanted for my skitty collection, they're so cute and tiny :3
If anyone has ever wondered why vileplume's eyes glow even when it's in the shadow (like a cat :D) it's because they are beads!
I love vileplume's flower!!! It's really well made :)
Pokemon kids are awesome because I love collecting interesting poses
Flareon canvas! My second favorite eeveeloution, didn't think I would ever get one :) It's so fuzzy!

So I haven't seen anyone do a group buy for this set yet, and I would really like reuniclus. So here we go!

Each charm will be $8 shipped. I'm planning on buying these when the canvas promotion becomes available. (charmander :D) But yeah, payment will be expected when they're all claimed. So be ready! :D

Image from Sunyshore :)

Claims: All Claimed!!!
: [info]jeansama paid
Dwebble: sheriphie paid
Foongus: zeldana paid
Gothitelle: usagimakeup paid
Reuniclus: neeko48 paid
Lots of neat stuff in my sales! Stuff bought last week will be shipped out Saturday :D
Tags: foongus, gothitelle
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