harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payment for Motion/Diorama Figures + Oo new figure charms?

Hey guys, it's finally arrived. And I need payments ASAP. If you can't remember how it looks like it is actually this. Seriously, you'll jump for your when you receive it because they're just gorgeous. Sorry but I'll be keeping the Pikachu/Tepig and Samurott and Reshiram. Also the distribution was GOOD. 2 of EACH in each box

Payment Info:
- Send all payments to minun_pro@hotmail.com
- Add in the memo your username and item bought
- I will be flattening the box, if you would not like that, comment here and tell me.
- All items can be combined with items from my sales post here: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html, if you want an item, similarly, do not send payment yet and wait for me to calculate your new total

Now Payments:
jadekitty777: Reshiram ($19.56)
techno4tomcatstechno4tomcats: Reshiram & Zekrom ($37.77)
midnitesilven: Zekrom ($19.56)
slothyshroomslothyshroom: Samurott ($19.56)
zefiru: Samurott ($19.56)
crimson_angel02: Samurott ($19.56)
likeatruck: Pikachu/Tepig ($19.56)
pantherotter: Pikachu/Tepig ($19.56)

sugar0coated:Pikachu/Tepig ($19.56)
straydogstarbck: Servine/Scraggy ($19.56)
shayminlove: Servine/Scraggy ($19.56)
enshogirl: Servine/Scraggy ($19.56)
hebilea: Servine/Scraggy ($19.56)

There are also extras which you can add if you would like.
They are:

2 X Zekrom

They will be an additional $14 each (Open to non GB members)

Similarly, if you want one do not send payment yet and let me recalculate your total.

Also, does anyone know  where does this come from? I found it on the Pkm Center facebook page and it says it comes out tomorrow.

I apologise to those who didn't manage to get theirs :(
Well that's all from me. Thanks :)

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