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I want a Miju!

I guess this is a "help me with my wants" post, rather than specifically a wants post. I'm after a Takara Tomy talking Mijumaru plush (the big voice activated one) as a Christmas present to me (from my mommy ♥) and I'm not really sure what my options are. I'm not good at shopping online except at specific online stores I already know about. XD

I originally intended to get it from HLJ but now they've sold out. They say that if you place an order anyway they'll search for it for you -- BUT I found out they'll only ship via SAL to my area and that plus the time it would take to find it means it would arrive way after Christmas. ._. So I've been trying to check other places...

So you know what I'm talking about and pictures grab the eye. ;D Innee cuuute?

Like I said, I'm not very good at shopping online, so this is where I'd like your totally awesome help here. My budget is $65 shipped max since that's what HLJ would've had it for and that is what I advertised it to my mom as, so places like Hardrock are out of the question, and the accepted payment methods must be Paypal, so Amazon doesn't work either. I found this place called Rakuten Global Market and it SOUNDS legit (is it?) but I'm wary of sites I'm not familiar with. I went through checkout to see if it was even doable there anyway but Paypal wasn't a payment option (though it was listed in another part of the site, so I dunno).

So, I'm stuck! Do any of you know a place I could get this li'l guy for $65 shipped or less? Do YOU have one of these li'l guys you'd sell for $65 shipped or less? I'd ideally like a brand new in packaging one, but if I can shave off a fair amount of the cost by getting a secondhand one (that's as minty as possible) from one of you guys I'm perfectly willing. The catch with buying off the comm, though, is I can't pay for nearly 4 weeks (somewhere roughly around December 9th). XD; If you don't mind waiting that long I'd be cool with buying from someone here. But I'm posting so soon because 1. I need to know how much money to tell my mom to put in Paypal since transfers take ages, and 2. I'd like some time to shop around if any of you guys can suggest sites and whatnot, and if all else fails have enough time to find a backup present.

Thanks everyone. :)
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