dragowl (dragowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Little get + Kids questions

I received a small package in the mail yesterday....

My first Kids figure, Totodile! :D Got this cutie in a trade with truxor - Thanks again! C:
This guy is so cute, gosh. I wasn't expecting it to be this cute XD So suddenly I'm in love with Kids, haha. If anyone has some cheap ones they're looking to sell, let me know :3 Well, I'd prefer to trade, but I might be able to scrape a little cash together..just don't be upset if I don't buy anything you offer XD

So now my questions! 

Are there any other Totodile kids? I've heard there are attack kids, but did every Pokemon get one?
Also, does Totodile have a shiny kid? If so, how much does it usually go for? I know shinies can be pricey XP

Thanks guys! <3
Tags: kids, totodile
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