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c-c-c-c-ollection update!

This is a small, but EPIC update on the cacti zone so feel free to check it out ;D

The entire loot, together.. :'D
Papa cactus and the cute couple~

That's me, with my awesome 1/1 cacnea (or bigger, I dun care) made by the oh so awesome punkspacewafers

Papa Cacnea spends his days in my workroom being giant and awesome and I loooove him x3

Cacnea pokedoll by xSystem

I decided to start collecting Maractus,cause she's the perfect partner for cacnea <3
Another pokedoll by the amazing xSystem *O*

The happy couple >w<

Thanks for watching~
Stay tuned cause I will be getting one of my graaaaaaiiiiiils soon :D

Tags: cacnea, collection, custom, maractus, plush
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