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(Photostory) Cubchoo in Korea + November customs!

First off--everything from me has been shipped as of Monday! Mail from my country generally takes a while, but please let me know if you have any concerns. I'm very easy to talk to. :)♥

Next, customs! It's been a while since I last opened these, and I didn't want to re-open until I finally got everything ~life related~ sorted out. XD I'm all ready for commissions again, both for keychains and watercolor arts! This might be the last time I do keychains though, as I really do not have easy access to a laminating shop and the HQ printers anymore. ;A; I really enjoy doing watercolor work though, so I opened an extra two slots for this batch! Yay! Like before, slots are available in auction-style. :3

Please click
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for keychain commissions, and
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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for watercolor commissions!♥
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I mentioned in my previous post that I was going on a trip to Korea--and I did! I brought my travel buddy Rin the Cubchoo Pokedoll with me, and we had lots of adventures! Fans of K-drama would like this post, as we visited a few shooting areas during the tour. Warning: This post is veeeery image-heavy!

Rin was rather tired and I had my usual @_@ problems after the ~4 hour flight. No shoots today, but we will wake up super early the next day for---

---Nami Island! The shooting place for the K-drama called Winter Sonata. Obviously...it is not winter, but nonetheless Rin enjoyed the view of pretty and colorful trees. :D

Rin Cubchoo was too scared to be left alone most of the time, so a lot of these pictures would be of me holding up the little snotbear like this. :3

Rin: "So high! D:"

We met an adorable Emonga-colored Pachirisu in the island! It was very, very shy and ran away really fast. Rin was sad about not being able to make a new friend. :c

I don't watch K-drama, but apparently this lane of Metasequoia trees was an important area for the title I mentioned earlier. Those trees were very tall! Rin was scared at thought of being up so high! ;A;

There were a lot of these posts around the island, marking areas for things like the couples' first kiss and such.

Rin: "Hey hey, when are you going to---"
Me: "D8 NO"

(We tourists are very easily amused)

Nooot sure what this is, but it's pretty, and Rin liked it. :3 After about an hour of walking, we got tired (or I did, baby Cubchoo was being carried all day!) and decided to go look for lunch~

Silly Rin, we don't eat Japanese food in Korea!

...and I was actually too busy nom nom-ing during lunch to remember to take any pictures...sorry about that. DX Anyway!

Rin found some almost-Rin-sized snowman-lovers friends! During autumn season! D: But they were made of cement so that's ok.

One last pretty sight of the island before we go to the next location~

The Seoraksan National Park! There was a giant bear statue (Rin: "Friend!!") but the silly tourists loved it so much that little Rin didn't get the chance to take a picture with it. :c

Rin: "Second tallest statue? HA! That looks tiny compared to ME! 8D"

Rin was also being a nice little bear and offered to carry one of the leaf-souvenirs for me (shush, we don't have these kinds in my country! D8), but he sadly lost it during our adventure.

The next adventure being...going to the top of a mountain! On the second tallest mountain in Korea! Let's go!

Rin: "I'm not scared of cold! Which one is it?!"

Rin: "Is it that one?! OMG IT's A GIANT ROCK! D8"
Me: "No silly, the one behind you!"

That one! We actually cheated and rode a cable car for what seems to be 99% of the mountain. We had to climb *dun dun DUN* STAIRS for the rest of the way! D8

Rin: "This temperature* is very nice!"
Old lady tourists: "YEAH MOUNTAIN LET'S GO" *STOMP STOMP STOMP* (I swear those ladies had a ton of energy in them, holy crap)
Me: "....;A;" *shivers and takes the tiniest steps* "I'm from a tropical country!! How do you people (and bear!!) survive this 6-degree cold?!?!?! DDD8"

After a long and (for me) freezing journey, we finally reached the top! Well not really, but kind of there anyway. Rin enjoyed the view!

Another view from the start of the stairs~

That was a super tiring adventure, but we had to call it a day here. The next day is filled with fun fun fun times, because we are going tooooo~


Which was Halloween-themed, so tons of pumpkins and ghosty things.

Rin: "I want rides! But I don't want that one! D8"

The lines were ridiculous long so we only looked around. The tour guide did bring us to one place with a short line though--

The 4D theater! Rin was happy to meet some Korean animal friends!

Inside one of the gift shops, Rin found a polar bear friend!

Rin: "Hi friend! :D"

The amusement park also doubles as a zoo of sorts, so let's meet some more friends!

Birds! Spot the Starly!

Fluffy things! Raticates?

Bibarel says I WANNA HUG HUMAN

(I wasn't too exicted about the idea lol)

Elegant Swanna

Duckies! Farfetch'd? Psyduck? or Ducklett? <3

Normal and shiny 'karps!

Shy zubats! They didn't like the camera flash.

More fluffy! Who's that Pokemon?

Extra shy Noctowls~

(D-dark?) Landmin? Sandslash? D:

'Plup line of the...nvm.


We thought that was last of the animals there, but something in the map caught Rin Cubchoo's widdle eye. It was...


They were too busy entertaining silly tourists and kids, but one of the Beartics did notice baby Rin and said hi!

That was a tiring but eventful day!

I forgot to show this earlier, but we stayed at this super fancy hotel. Rin approves!

What to do with a bit of free time at night? Watch Pokemon of course! Sudaeng'i here seems concerned about Rin...

I had a few more days of free time after that, but on the final day we had more places to visit! Let's go to Seoul Tower!

Before that, we rode the Namsan Cable Car, which was a shooting area for the Boys Over Flowers K-drama. More colorful trees! Cubchoo really enoyed the view here.

We met a super cute guard doggy at the end of the ride!

More stairs later, we finally arrived at~

Seoul Tower! Look how high that is! Hundreds of steps to get up!

MORE STAIRS!! But then we cheated and took an elevator. 8D

Soooo high!

The windows here were neat and had distance info to other countries. Here is the one for the Pokemonland, Japan!

Seoul Tower was also home to one of Korea's famous Teddy Bear Museums. Much kiddy excitement and squeee-ing happened.

Rin: "My friends over the years! We bears are forever cute."

There was a souvenir store outside with a statue of what seems to be a goddess!bear and her two chubby guardian friends.

Now phew, this is getting really long, and only Rin is the Pokemon! In my previous post, I asked about the location of a certain store that sells POKEDOLLS and CANVAS PLUSH. I had to talk to the tour guide to arrange a ~special~ re-route to visit this, so I was able to go!


Rin and I could not contain our excitement, but first, pose for a picture!

(At this point, lots of employees were looking at me with confused faces. One of them even asked for my age. I'm not ashamed of my hobby! 8D)

Stuff they had! There was no sign of the fatty giant Miju I wanted. ;A;

This was our final stop before returning home, but definitely my second favorite (sorry, Nami Island was just so pretty!) of the entire trip.

Back to Manila we go~ This trip was my first big advanture with Rin, but hopefully there will be more soon.♥

And that ends my post! You can wake up now. XD

Thanks for looking! :D
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