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Small Sales post - last call for Kids figures, Kids Book and Guide. ^_^


Last time posting these figures for sale here - I've discounted most of them. If they don't sell, they'll be going to ebay. ^_^ I've also got a Pokemon Kids book; since I don't really collect most kids anymore, and I've sold off 75% of my kids collection (for newer members of the community, for awhile, I had over 200 Pokemon kids figures in my personal collection. ^^; I'm down to less than 45.)

Policies under the cut!

All items are mailed USPS first class, unless they are heavier. My base shipping price is $2, which covers paypal fees, postage and bubble-envelopes to protect your items - it will never be lower than this. Insurance is available on request, but you must request it at the time of purchase - I am not responsible for items once they are in the postal system if insurance is not purchased. In my many hundreds of sales though, I've not had one item lost, even internationally. ^_^

International shipping will now start at $3 for the base price - sorry. ._. I can't mail items through the APC that are international, so I have to go stand in line for an hour, or sometimes more to mail these. ^_^; Sorry, I'm not trying to be greedy, but it does take a lot of time, and isn't convenient for me.

All domestic items shipped within the US (does not include Canada), will be mailed within one week, but it is usually less. International items may take up to two weeks, but the time is usually less than that as well.

Items can be held for 24 hours only - no exceptions. I may refuse sales to anyone for any reason, but will mostly only do so for bad transactions in the past, or rudeness.

I accept paypal only. ^_^

That said... now, my stuff!


Books - FR/LG Guide - Has some wear: $6
Pokemon Kids Directory Book (Japanese) - Difficult to find and in GREAT condition - has pictures of all Pokemon kids made up until Diamond/Pearl, even shinies. (Clears are not pictured, however.) - $25 (or best offer.)


Misc Figures - Eevee Clear In-case cooking figure: $10, Zapdos Pin - $2, Mawile TOMY (some minor scratches) - $4, Mew TOMY (scratches) - $2, Typhlosion Minicot - $2, Dragonite V-trainer - $3.
Kids figures: Aerodactyl - $3, Kingdra - $3, Eevee - $4, Dewgong - $3, Beldum - $3, Uxie - $3, Mesprit - $3, Manaphy - $3, Altaria - $3, Glaceon - $10,

Pokepark Mew - $15 (HOLD) - I have a feeling someone might have bought this from me? I can't remember though, and I had no payment in my inbox for it. o_O Please comment if this was you.


Cyndaquil Pokedoll - On ebay. ^_^

One more thing, unrelated to sales.

With my Charizard collecting, thank you for all of the information. ^_^ I'm only looking to collect some plush and figures most likely, but it doesn't have to be all of them. :D

I did snag this on ebay, however. I wanted it a few years back, but never bought it.


It's around 12" tall. O_O I know there is a smaller UFO, but I believe it has it's mouth closed.
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