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Don't press Alt & F4!

Custom figure and headphone auctions + quick pricecheck :)

Hello everyone!
I bring to you today some of my customs that I have enjoyed making whilst I have been ill this week! (lol)

...but first, pricecheck on talking starter plushes?
Thanks x

Here's a sneak peek!

Rules and all that stuff~
I ship from the UK!
These are handmade items, except the headphones, which were only customised (badly) by me.
Bids in increments of $1, please!
I try to ship as fast as possible. Your item should be on it's way to you within 2 days of payment :)
All usual comm rules apply, no sniping, only bid what you can afford, etc, etc.
All auctions end on Thursday, 17th November at 12:00 PST :)

Here they are!


Tiny cyndaquil! He is about 1 inch tall, and I'm really pleased with how he turned out XD
Key for size reference only
Starts at $4, BIN for $10


Big serperior diorama! Tin foil based, on a pringles lid base :P
He's just under 4 inches tall, from the base to the top of the tree :)
Key is, again, only for size reference (unless you want my house too?)
Starts at $10, BIN for $20


Custom cyndaquil headphones! These are not great, done by me, two cyndaquils on piles of pokeballs. One is saying cynda, the other is saying quil <3
The varnish smudged when I sprayed them, and they aren't exactly flat as I had to paint over the Sony sign and the paint went a little odd :P
You can see the smudge on the picture, but not really the unevenness.
Starts at $50, BIN at $75
(I know it's a bit expensive, but I just want to get the money back that I payed for the paint)

I know they aren't the best, but I tryed :P
Bid knowing that you are helping a young teenage girl to raise funds to learn Japanese <3

Happy bidding! :D
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