Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a notice! i am packing up and will have mailed all bell plushies/pokedolls/kids/tomys/other orders by tomorrow :>

now, here is why i post. does anybody here want to reserve the pokemon bentou box 7/11 is releasing? it comes with an exclusive box, chopsticks, hankerchief, and clear shaymin tomy figure. i'm not sure if youll be able to get this figure otherwise (they make it sound like it ONLY comes with the bentou).

obviously i'd have to clear out the food before mailing :X but i'm offering to clear it out and wash the box clean before mailing. (for the record, i dont like bentou lunches XD the food will be donated to a poor guy with no money, AKA my fiancee.)

its a reserve-only, limited item, so if you want it, i will reserve it for up to FIVE PEOPLE!!!!

reply to this and say YES I WANT IT! and i'll go to 7/11 tomorrow and reserve for up to five people who may have replied.

according to the site its about 9.50$ for the package :D i have no idea how much shipping would be to you.

the site!

Tags: shaymin
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