pocketm0nsters (pocketm0nsters) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello all :)

So I'm pretty sure all of you are wondering who I am because I'm new here >___<
It has taken a lot of courage for me to finally introduce myself to everyone but here it goes!

My name is Juanita but you can call me pretty much anything (I have lots of nicknames) and I have been into Pokemon since I was 6-7. I remember saving up my allowance to go and buy a pokemon stadium game and set which was my first step towards collecting :D

I've always loved Arcanine but sadly am not collecting him haha. Instead I collect Pikachu(what a surprise I know :p),Groudon (I love his grumpy face), and Gliscor which is pretty much my favorite Pokemon but he has barely any merchandise!!!! Whats with that?!

I would also like some ideas from my fellow community members on ideas for pokemon art! I've been trying to draw as much as I can lately but can't really think of any cool ideas ;-; But I'm sure you guys will have some great ones so come and post some so I can draw them!

Thanks for reading my post and soon I'll post some pictures of my collection! ^-^
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