snowtigermar (snowtigermar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want: christmas/holiday pokemans!!!

Hi again wonderful community!

So I'm already starting my holiday decoration shopping and I realized I really don't have any Christmas/Holiday Pokemon!
I'm looking for my usual collections, but with some kind of xmas theme. Plush are the highest priority, but I do enjoy the household stuff too (such as plates, mugs, stationary, etc.)! One of my traditions is to wrap my frames in that years wrapping paper and hang them on the wall- so if anyone has some old pokemon themed wrap, that'd be great!

Specifically looking for:
-Pikachus (any!)
-Pichu sitting on a donut
-Mew (I already have the santa mew, and the keychain with the xmas tree. I saw a plush of Mew holding a wreath on SMJ- but forgot to put in my password to finalize the bid :'( I'll pay a wonderful amount for this if someone has it!)
-Oddish and/or Bellossom
-Any 1st Gen X-mas themed merch

If anyone's willing to sell their stuff, please post a picture or a link to a picture of what you're selling. Haha, I'm still getting used to the terminology and brand names and such- so pictures really help <3

I know ebay has a couple of pika things, but I honestly prefer to deal with you all instead of them :)

Also, if anyone can recommend search terms for SMJ in Japanese for christmas/holiday pokemon that'd be great. I can't seem to find more than 10 results when I type it in :\

Thanks guys!
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