Pogo (dukeburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Pepsi strap GB + Possible Nintendo World pick-ups?

Hey everyone, I hope it's okay to post this seeing as there are already some related posts on the front page. BUT this is a little different since I am hosting this group buy style. :)

I have actually already purchased the lot just so I would know what the total cost with all the deputy fees would be. Assuming we can get just half of the straps claimed, each strap will be only $3 each (plus you-know-what-fees) + shipping to me + shipping to you. If we get more claims though, each claim price will go down. I'll post another reminder in a couple days and then determine the price of each strap. Please be prepared to pay within 48 hours when I reply to you with the price otherwise failure to pay could result in negative feedback. If for some reason we do not get at least half claimed, I will ask if you are willing to pay more for your strap; in this case it would be okay to give up your claim if the cost is too high for you (I am really not anticipating this though).

- Sales permission granted by Lineaalba in January 2010
- Payment is in USD. Paypal only please.
- I will be using EMS to have the straps sent to me.
- I will be shipping from the US. Prices should not exceed $2.50 shipped within the US and $3.50 international.

I am claiming Excadrill, Haxorus, and Tornadus. I'm sure most people know how this works, but simply comment away with who you want to claim. :)

Pikachu: rally274
Serperior: jeansama
Emboar: typhlogirl
Samurott: silverbuizel
Pansage: crasherwake
Audino: schenzi
Whimsicott: schenzi
Scrafty: jeansama
Zoroark: rally274
Cinccino: schenzi
Reuniclus: papaiyacoffee
Emonga: jeansama
Beartic: ruenis
Stunfisk: chaos_21
Golurk: mewtwohavoka
Reshiram: rally274
Zekrom: rally274
Landorus: badshines
Kyurem: fizzycat

EDIT: Screenshot of the Noppin bill.

EDIT 2: Screenshot of the shipping bill

Also, I will be visiting Nintendo World on the 21st of this month... would anybody be interested in pick-ups for DX dolls (or normal size dolls/Pokemon Center plush for that matter)? There doesn't seem to be a whole lost of interest in Nintendo World runs but since I'll be there anyway, I'm just throwing it out there. As per puyro's last post (here), they have all the Sinnoh starters and Pikachu. I could probably pick up at least 5 at $30 each plus shipping if anyone wants? If anyone is interested in smaller plush (I don't expect the stock to be much different than what Puyro posted), I could do $17 each but... it seems like the DX guys are more popular. :p Let me know what you guys think!
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