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Jakks Plush(finally!!)/Pick up on Pikachu item?


i come with a new member of the family and a really great deal on a Pikachu item. please click below to see:)

1) i FINALLY found one of the newer jakks plush! YAY! i went to my toys r us today and i was really hoping to find one and i found:

so cute! she was the only new one. all the others were Pidoves and Munnas!! so happy to have her:)

2) the second thing bring is an item; i have kept an eye on this item for quite some time watching it drop in price. sadly i would like to shouldn't buy it because it is for the DSi ONLY, but it is so cute!! what is it your ask? it is this:

a cute Pikachu DSi Charge stand! this baby was i think $40 or maybe even $60 at one time! it is down to $15! yes. cheap, but like it said it is ONLY for the DSi. would anyone like me to pick it up for them? i know there are people out there who have a DSi or would like this as a display piece. **WARNING: it would be costly to ship. it is pretty heavy. i could ship it out of the box, but it still would be quite heavy.** i would be willing to pick it up and ship it if someone really wants it. also the earliest i could ship it out would be Saturday December 3rd! this is due to my trip next weekend and Thanksgiving being the week after.

i myself might go back to get it for a display piece if it is still there when i get back from my trip:) (and on one here wants it)

that's it from me today. have a great day/night everyone! :D
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