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Eevee Auction, Sales, Custom Art!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* My Feedback Thread
* Collection Site w/ Top Wants List - Might consider trades but $$ is priority right now!
Zukans/Chess/TFG/Bottlecaps/Gashapon & Plush are my weakness
My top want would probably be PMD figures!
Also shiny torchic, swablu, duskull, celebi, and drifloon cards!

ADDED ART COMMISSIONS! Check end of post under cut ;)
Some prices have been lowered! Haggling is fine too :)

But before we get to sales I wanted to share a picture of a deformed Oshawott, that poor otter X'D

Who else has seen some very oddly shaped jakks before?? I know they often vary but I've never seen one this bad before!
Also is anyone looking for wave 1 or wave 2 plush? This store had 1-2ea of wave 1 and another store has 4ea of wave 2!
If anyone expresses interest I can pick some up ($13 + sh) on Nov 19. No sign of wave 3 yet :( Maybe someone will have them Saturday though 8D
There's also D&P Series 3 (shellos/munch/mesprit/azelf/sneasel/happiny/budew) that I can get ($10 +sh)

Some plush, figures, misc flats, rare tcg, movies, art, & more for sale!

* I'm often online from 9am-2am daily so replies should be fairly quick :3

If I forgot anything important, please let me know! :)

-Sales and Shipping Policies-
* All pkmncollectors rules apply. I will not sell to anyone banned from there.
* Paypal only! No e-checks, please!
* Please pay within 24 hrs unless other arrangements are made!
* Feel free to haggle but I have the right to decline.
* I ship from Hyrum, UT USA - WORLDWIDE! But I might need to get quotes first for some orders!
* Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip code/country when inquiring about any items!
* S/H for flats starts at $1.50, non-flats start at $2.50.
* I will hold for 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
* Please make it clear if you're asking for a quote!
* Please do not back out once you are committed to buying.
* I ship Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. Depending on number of orders I may ship more frequently.
* I am not responsible for lost or damaged orders.
* All US orders over $15 will have delivery confirmation. If your order is less than $15 and you want DC or Insurance please let me know!
* Cards, Figures, and Plush will be protected with either cardstock, cardboard, top loaders, or/and plastic sleeves/bags.
* Cat friendly home!
* All orders will be added to this spreadsheet. Feel free to check it to see if your order was shipped, (though I will -always- reply to you to let you know when it has been!)

* Can be combined with my regular TCG Sales here!
You may also ask me if I have certain cards (I have loads not added to sales still!)

* Please inquire about s/h on the questions/comments thread FIRST if you're concerned about price.
* No sniping (as per comm rules!)
* Auction will end Friday, Nov 18, 11.59 PM PST countdown timer OVER

Minty Applause Eevee with box and pokeball! starts at $20
(More pics can be taken!) Box has some wear from storage.
I've taken very good care of her for 12 years and she's spent most of her time in the pokeball :3 I'll be including a drawing of eevee as well!

Items I'm more likely to accept trades on!

Fullset for $12, Oshawott $4, Zoroark $4
Sandile not available individually (unless you make me an offer I can't refuse lol) I also have MIP Patrat that I might accept offers on

Ivysaur & Bulbasaur are up for trade! Just throw offers at me/link me to sales post whatevs, I just want these guys to have a better home!

Colosseum Poster starts at $2 I do have another one I'm thinking of keeping but will consider offers ^^ It's a bit more worn condition~

Espeon deck box still up for offers/trade as I dont know what to price it at and i'd prefer to keep it rather than let it go for dirt cheap ^^;

Decided to weed my pika collection; jakks pika $3, pichu & other pika $2 ea
Will take $1 off if you take all 3!

Used/old toys! Turtwig is a roller that I guess makes sounds? No batteries and it's really beat up ^^; $1
Licki & Jiggly are dirty/scuffed/paint rubbed/etc (jiggly's spinner is discolored) $2 ea?
Totodile looks pretty good, he's a pencil topper $2

Jakks Dialga, $4 - Like new condition!

Regirock chou $3, Entei pencil topper $3

Memory Game pieces: $1 per pog - Growlithe x1 - everyone else x2
(picture of the other page coming soon xD)

Would anyone be interested in -just- the box? XD

$1 ea

$1 ea or full sheet for $8? *note some of these are slightly damaged and they appear to have been cut from cereal box or something similar

Dialga stylus $2, ds strap $1

-Straight Sales- Will consider trades if it's something I really want ;)

Pikachu (YELLOW CHEEKS) - 58/102 - E3 Rare $8, Darkrai & Cresselia Legend (Top) - 99/102 $4

Salamence Lv.X 98/99 UR $7, Venusaur RH M $4.50, Meganium RH M $3.50, Hitmonchan "winner" $2.50

Groudon Black Star promo M $3, Groudon EX H NM $11, Giratina LV.X $7, Tornadus $7

Dark Charizard H NM $6.50, Charizard Base 2 H $9 - played condition (main damage is shown in closeup)

Charizard Arceus H M $3 (this ones a stock img the pic i took disappeared ff)

Jakks Snivy Figure: $3 & Plush: $11 or buy them both for 12

Jakks Minccino $12, Lapras Pokedoll (American/Velboa) $20, Jakks Munchlax $9 (all mint with tags!) tags might be curved though.

$15 Pokemon Pikachu Yellow virtual pet thing, no battery, has been tested!
It's pretty scuffed/dirty ^^;

$4 each all in excellent condition with insert(s)

-Gauging Interest-
Game walkthroughs including oldschool nintendo magazine ones for r/b
Hey You Pikachu for n64 complete with box (however i cannot test it)
emerald w/ box, g/s boxes w/o games (well I believe I still have the games but they don't save anymore ^^;) Same goes for r/b and crystal I think..

Bid/Offer/Buy away!
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