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Fire Lizard + Piggy Wants!

Hello, pkmncollectors!

First of all, I just wanted to apologise for some late replies from me recently ><; I have my own mail box and it's been a little odd with it's spam filter these last few weeks, so if I forget to look specifically for something, I end up missing quite a few replies from people. Sorry about that!

Next, I have some wants! =D My mum has been awesome and offered to buy me some pokemon stuff for Christmas <3

1. Kawaii Nuigurumi "Cute Plush" Charizard

I have continually missed out on this guy through GA losses and everything else D= As he is my top priority want, my mum has offered to buy him for me for Christmas - if I can find one. I would prefer tagless, but tagged is fine too. I would prefer him to be in decent condition though, with a tush tag if possible. Let me know your asking price! (I would also be interested int he larger version of this, here: but I'm not sure I could afford it. )

2. Charizard Pokedoll

I'd love a little version of the awesome DX version I won here on pkmncollectors from the awesomely talented cwinget! <3 Tagged please! I know it's available on Amazon and ebay, but not shipped to Australia for a reasonable price I'm afraid ;__;

3. Takara Tomy Tepig 6" Plush$(KGrHqMOKkME4kk9V,6!BOPH9P)Klg~~0_12.JPG
These are now being sold in the US, Europe and Japan in some places, I've learned. I missed out when my local anime shop got one in stock and I'd really love to buy one form the comm as not to have to pay the silly ebay prices. (Tag may vary to a B+W style one). Tag prefered. If you have access to a large version of this, could you let me know how much you could get it for me for too?

4. Starters Zukan

TEPIGTEPIGTEPIG. XD Let me know if you have this for sale <3 Doesn't need to be mint, but must include all pieces.

Shipping is to Melbourne, Australia <3

Edit: All found! =D I love you guys ;o; *huggles all around*

Also, a preview of an upcoming collection update:

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