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My first sales post: 1st Gen stuff

Hello, I'm sorta new to this community, I've been directed here by a friend of mine.  Recently my dad got down a box full of 1st generation [around 1999/2000] Pokémon stuff from the attic, and we no longer collect Pokémon, so I've been told to try my luck at selling them here.  I've read all the guidelines and stuff, so here goes. 

New: Items that are crossed out are sold.

Bigger three are Hasbro beanies that are in great condition, and will be $5/£2.50/€3.10 each.  Smaller Pikachu is the one that talks when you squeeze its belly; has been played with a lot and had the white tag cut off but still works, he'll be $3/£1.50/€1.90.

A bigger basic Pikachu plush, also Hasbro and in great condition apart from a little washout at the base of his tail.  $8/£4/€5. 


Next is a Pikachu 35mm camera from Tiger, the one that prints a pokemon border over each shot.  Been used a lot but still in really good condition though I think a battery that was inside it leaked a little, nothing major.  $5/£2.50/€3.10


Top 3 are supposed to be glowing though they might need new batteries in order to get them to work again.  They still don't have any paint rubs or anything.   $2/£1/€1.25 each.

Raichu and Pikachu are Tomy, and  again will be the same price as the glowing keychains.  Pika has a very tiny paint rub on the right ear.  The other 2 will be $1/50p/€0.60, because their condition isn't as good as the tomys, the Maril one has paint chips on the ear, tail and right paw.

A bag of Pokemon marbles, by Marvel apparently.  The bag itself has a little wear on the design and some of the marbles have marks but they're not that badly damaged.  The marbles are of Dragonite, Meowth, Horsea, Spearow, Fearow, Seaking, Seadra, Oddish, Gyarados and Omanyte.  $4/£2/€2.50 for the whole lot.

[Sorry about the crappy picture!]
These are OddzOn toys that have metal balls inside them which I think make them roll around.  $2/£1/€1.25 each.

These are all basic trading cards here, a couple of them in the plastic are bent and another couple in the box area bit dirty.  Box itself has a little tear on the corners, but they are all in good condition.   44 cards in total a 25 cents each, or $10/£5/€6.25 for the whole lot. 

* Nidorina
* Ponyta
* Nidoran female
* Poliwag
* Koffing
* Charmander
* Oddish
* Rattata
* Tangela
* Weedle
* Charmeleon
* Machop
* Venonat
* Spearow
* Rhydon
* Starmie
* Machoke
* Mankey
* Grimer
* Growlithe
* Cubone
* Paras
* Bellsprout
* Drowzee
* Eevee
* Nidoran Male
* Abra
* Pikachu
* Kadabra
* Gastly
* Gloom
* Jynx
* Weepinbell
* Porygon
* Magnemite
Dark Vaporeon
* Vulpix
* Dragonite
* Goldeen
* Slowpoke
* Kangaskhan  Awaiting payment
* Magmar
* Likitung

Finally, a Pikachu bookend/piggy bank by Applause, now this is in really lovely condition.  $8/£4/€5

That should be it I think.   Now for the policy.
* I only accept Paypal, sorry. 
* I will be shipping worldwide from the United Kingdom, and all items are mailed with Airmail.  They'll be wrapped up in bubblewrap so that hopefully they won't be damaged in the post.   Once paid for they will be shipped as soon as possible, usually within one week.
* Items can be put on hold for 7 days. 
* In regards to shipping, I cannot determine a specific price for the shipping of each item because they will come in all shapes and sizes, but I won't charge more $10 even for the biggest ones sent internationally.   If you want to buy more than one item, I'm happy to combine shipping. 
* Any other questions, feel free to ask.

For a little reassurance, here's my eBay feedback, though this is the first time I've ever had Pokemon stuff to sell. 

Thanks for your time. 

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