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Mini Pokedoll Collection Update (and Wanted post!)

Hey all!~ 

It's been a while since I made a post so I thought I'd make one to share the lovely new addition to my Pokedoll collection that I've received recently! A huge thanks go to cyritic and mellow_candy for this update! <3

First up, an adorable oversized Pachirisu doll which I won in a group auction ran by the lovely cyritic - she needs a little tlc with her stiching, but is so cute! Here she is with a normal size Oshawott doll ^_^ She was part of a New Year promotion a few years ago at the Pokemon Center <3

Next up is a cute tin I won from mellow_candy - when I saw that the lid said Pokemon Collection I fell in love with it! I love the cute art on the sides of the tin too ^_^

I really love this cloth, which I also bought from mellow_candy - I really wish girafarag had been made into an actual doll, the art is so adorable!

As well as unpacking the tin and cloth from the package that mellow_candy ent me, I was surprised to find that she had included a lovely note and some extras! I was so happy to unpack these!~ ^_^

A close-up of the water-cuties! Thank you so so so much mellow_candy!

I'll be adding these to my collection site in the next couple of weeks!~ <3

As well as posting a little collection update, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a quick wanted post too! I'm currently looking to add more Pokedoll merchandise to my collection! If you have any for sale, or are thinking about parting with any, please let me know!~ (Most of the things I already have are up on my website, Amity Square)

I'm also on the hunt for the last two Pokedoll variation I need for my collection! I'm currently looking for a Clefairy Pokedoll (not the Plushplush, but the fuzzier verboa Pokedoll), and one of the Spinda Pokedolls (the same pattern as the one below <3) Please let me know if you're willing to part with either - Im VERY interested!~

I'm hoping to get the Pokedoll wiki I've been working on up and running in the next month or two :)

Happy collecting everyone!~

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