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get this stuff out! \o/

Hi all!
So my crazy father apparently decided I'm not allowed to have extra stuff in my all my Pokemon sales items have to go!
I am open to haggling and trading (ONLY TCG for TCG or pan stickers), I just need this stuff GONE!
Everything is priced to sell and there are lots of free things! Figures, stickers, mac and cheese, flat lots, and more!

Rules & policies:
☆ I ship from Michigan (United States)
☆ Cards/flats are wrapped in plastic (to keep them from sliding around, etc.) and mailed in a regular envelope to save on shipping costs. If you'd like cardboard protection or a bubble mailer, please let me know!
☆ I DO round up shipping costs by a bit to account for fees and supplies, since I don't already include these in the total.
**I now screen comments containing my paypal info, just to be safe. If this is a problem, please tell me or keep track of comments through email. Thanks!**
☆ I am a slow shipper, but your items will get out!
☆ I am not responsible for lost mail. If you're worried, please inquire about registered mail.
☆ I accept Paypal and concealed cash (at your own risk)
☆ Please ask about the condition, etc. or better pictures if you're wondering!

I am open for trades: ONLY for pan stickers right now. I'm trying to cover my laptop with them, so I need to hoard as many as possible \o/
I will also do TCG-for-TCG trades

Macaroni and cheese! $5 each OBO
Shipping will be kinda high on these, so be warnd

NIP foam Pokeball - $4

Machamp chou without base - $1
Stunky custom made by me - $1

Damaged tops - free w/purchase (will increase shipping)
Voltorb has initials on the back and Poliwag is scratched up

Lots of damage counters, poison markers, etc. - $1

Lugia coin, Ivysaur coin - Free w/purchase

Oshawott, Snivy tins - $3 each

Stickers - .50 cents each
Machop/Machamp Topps cards - .25 cents each

Flippy thingies - .50 cents each

***All flat lots are $1 unless stated otherwise**

Random sticker/tattoo lot

Slowbro lot - .50 cents
Arcanine lot - .50cents

Legendary bird lot - .50 cents

Squirtle lot - .25 cents

Egg lot - .25 cents
Fossil lot - .50 cents

Pokemon the First Movie cards lot (top) - $2
Pikachu's Vacation cards lot - $1

Moar free things!

Bootlegs/damaged official figures

Cardlists/rulebooks (shows front and backs)

Empty TCG wrappers

Rapidash & Alakazam are custom stickers by me

(Fake cut to card sales)

And to anyone waiting on a quote or custom from me: I am slowly getting to everything x_X My life has been pretty stupid & crazy lately but I haven't forgotten about anything!
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