::drag0n aura:: (drag0n_aura) wrote in pkmncollectors,
::drag0n aura::

more collection weeding sales!

I'm continuing to give up on my English TCG, so I have put up all of the HGSS set cards that I had in my collection up for sale.
This includes a lot of PRIMEs, a full Lugia LEGEND, an Alph Lithograph, and a ton of holos, rares, and trainers including DCC, Rare Candy, and Pokemon Catcher.
I have also consolidated all of my sales into my main post so if you've seen my separate sales posts on here before, they're all in my main sales now. =3

Click the button directly below to be taken to the HGSS cards!:

And click below here to the main page of my shop where I have a TON of Japanese Cards, a lot of English Cards and some Pokédolls and other stuff for sale. =3

Tags: pokedolls, sales
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