carolina_suikun (carolina_suikun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I went today to Prisma to see if they had anything new.
Nope, nothing new. Finland sucks in Pokémon merchandise. Other Europeans got these cool action figures like Staraptor and other nice Pokémon thingies. It SUCKS.

Okay! So that I have now said that we can carry on. ^-^

I found these sets for my ever growing collection.

Mmm... Big deluxe Space penis. I will call her Big Mama.

Mah happy Space Palkia family. Nice names, eh? Clear Pokékid Palkia is way too blue. I don't like it. Wonder if Japanese version is so blue?

*Sniff, sniff* After I got home I noticed that my Dialga strap was gone.
Have to find a new one somewhere.

If you are interest about European Pokékids history, clicka this link! ^-^
Tags: collection, palkia
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