DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Piplup Question

Hello community (I'm dying to post a collection update but without my computer I'm stuck :C) Anyways, everyone knows Christmas is coming and my boyfriend LOVES Adelie Penguins and Piplup is the closest to em! So I want to get him a 1:1 plup (if it exists) but only if it be in my price range. Also his penguin mug just broke so if a Piplup coffee mug exists...Please tell meh!!! Anyways I'd love to get him a Pluppy plushie and I rather it be something larger (I see there is a 7"ish Tomy plush) If push comes to shove a canvas will have to do -_-" Anyways, lookin around trying to find the right price or even a trade perhaps?
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