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Collection Update! Wants...update?

Hey been a long time! Been busy so I haven't really posted anything but here it is a collection update nothing too special!

Yes my collection of kids has increased exponentially! I love them all to bits! Items that aren't the kids include my Minun chess piece, Zekrom/Reshirams from the Black and White Tour, Cresselia/Mudkip Tomys, Ho-Oh figurine from my purchase of Heart Gold (I have Lugia too I just don't know where he went : (,) and of course my beautiful giant DX Banpreseto Snivy (Yes he is wearing shorts. Don't ask why.)

A cute Slowking Bunka made by my dear friend Lemontree11. She hopes to sell these soon and I hope she does. I'd love some more! : (

A commissioned charm by the amazing Reilaa!!! every one should commission from her! this thing is amazing!! I love my Hydreigon. He's my first Hydreigon item and I'm so happy about it!!!



As I've said before I want anything Minun or Blaziken....The thing I want the most is a Blaziken Pokedoll! I'd do almost anything for that one. I'm paying for one of my major wants soon! Which is a Minun Pokedoll! I cannot wait!

Lately I've been into Kids figures. As you can see from my photos (or not I'm very sorry for my bad quality photos!) I'm nearly done with my Castform set! I just need Rain Castform and I'm finished! I also want to finish the Rotom family but I only have 2 of them. If anyone could find them for me please direct them to me if you wouldn't mind! 

Thanks for looking have a nice night!~

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