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Small sales and an update

After moving into my new place, I realized that I didn't have as much space as I'd hoped, so here are some plush from my personal collection I am putting up for grabs!
I just wanted to post a few quick sales today, featuring Litwick and Ambipom pokedolls, as well as a Pokemon Center Charizard plush. :)

Also are reduced prices on leftovers from my previous sales~

Banpresto Staraptor: $12
Pokemon Center Charizard plush

Litwick pokedoll
Ambipom pokedoll

Both pokedolls have slightly bent tags! Please see photos below.

Shinx 12" Toy Factory Plush: $12
Banpresto Chimchar Plush: $5

Yawarakai Cyndaquil plush: $12
Elekid Pokedoll: $15

Yawarakai Pichu Plush: $8

Eevee Chou: $5

Rayquaza gacha machine: $18

Zapdos Postcard: $3

Elekid/Bellossom squishies: $3 each

Pencil holder and toppers!
Koffing/Gastly, Pikachu/Diglett, Omanyte: $5 each

Clips! Choose from: Ledyba, Pikachu, Elekid - $2 each

Lickitung Plastic Clip: $1
Ledyba Keychain: $2

Metal Charms: Bulbasaur, Chansey, Squirtle: $3 each

Metal Clips!
Mew: $12
Pikachu: $3
Pokeball: $1 each or free with purchase of Mew/Pikachu.

Metal Collection Figures!
Bronze Donphan: $1
Gold Cyndaquil: $6

Metal Coins - Meowth, Caterpie, Moltres: $2 each

Meiji Clips - Clefairy, Abra: $2 each!

Also a couple adorable new gets!

Sneak peek~

It's Babbypoke! :D

This is probably the closest I'll get to a Slowpoke pokedoll - I was waiting on this little guy for a long time, and it was definitely worth it. ^_^
It's also been a while since I've been able to welcome a new Slowpoke custom to my collection too, so I was very excited about his arrival~

He's made by the super talented Usakochan! I've never owned anything made from spa minky before, and he was just crafted to perfection. <3
I just can't get over his dopey little smile and those adorable eyes. ;o;

Also notice my super ghettobook with a missing "J" key in the background.. haha

Next up is another custom by Usakochan, who is 3-4x bigger than his little brother:

I requested a sitting Slowpoke, since I didn't have one in my collection.. I was definitely not expecting this amazing comic-book esque styled plush. Definitely one of the most original looking designs that I have seen; I was definitely not short of variety when commissioning Holly. XD

I'm probably a little late with this, but the Pokemon Club at our school ended up carving a bunch of pumpkins for Halloween a couple weeks ago. A friend and I teamed up and worked on Solosis!

Here's a groupshot with the rest of them:

It's been a while since my entries have been jam-packed with content, but I'm slowly getting moved into my new place and rearranging shelves for my collections. One of these days I will post a long overdue collection update once it's all set up!

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