Kyuu (k1yuu) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello community, I have a couple of wants today.

High Priority
Any Charmander or CHARIZARD plush - I say "any" because I am not entirely what I am looking for, so just show me your lizards (preferably $20 maximum, I'm not looking for anything rare or expensive). I am a little interested in the little treat keeper or hasbro Charizard.

Stunky banpresto plush

Low Priority
★ A Bidoof/Bibarel plush (I'm not sure if there is any but if you have one let me know and I will look?)

Unrelated but, this here Scraggy needs a home! He is the last of my jakks plush who still needs a place to go - all his friends have been adopted. He is a Jakks Scraggy from bw series 3, mint with tags, and I am asking $10 (although feel free to haggle, as always). Won't you take Scraggy home with you? How can you resist that face? D=

Thanks for looking!

Tags: scraggy, wanted
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