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Collection Update Time~!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was waiting for one thing in the mail, and it got here today~ so that means update time! :D but first...more late Halloween pumpkin pictures. >_>
I worked forever on these and they were only out for one night before my uncle took it upon himself to throw all the pumpkins out the very next day for some weird reason.

(it's a Shinx in case you couldn't tell..>_>)

Anyway, onto my most recent gets!

So my birthday was on November 3rd, and I decided to spend my birthday money/ gift cards on two things I had been wanting since they were first released!

Lifesize Emonga and Chillarmy! I never had the money to buy these two cuties until now. SO glad I did! I love them so much already. xD Chillarmy is from ebay(many gift cards were involved in that payment...) And Emonga is from punkspacewafers~

Fun Photo Time:

My chinchilla and squirrel collections are slowly but surely growing! I still have way more Chillarmy stuff though.

Don't they just make the cutest pair? Maybe they can be brothers or something. I haven't decided on names for them yet.

Bootleg Oshawott was a gift from my dad. Our local Sanrio(the store with all the Hello Kitty stuff for anyone who doesn't know.) started stocking these bootleg plush. They also had a Snivy. For a bootie, he isn't too bad looking!

In the Halloween spirit, I bought the Halloween Chillarmy plush! A store called Tokyo Lifestyle at the mall was selling them and I just couldn't pass him up any longer.

Afterwards, I took yet another one of my gift cards down to my local Target and found a Dewott! They had sold out of them and actually restocked the day I went(which was on my birthday too.)
I've turned him into a keychain for my purse:

I also picked up a Summer Deerling!

I did also want to get Servine and Scraggy, but didn't have enough money left over.
And lastly on my update, a custom item!

A Shinx egg pillow from the wonderful nightmare-chan22! :D I don't get customs very often, but I decided to for once and I'm very happy with the result! I can only hope that I too can embroider someday.
Anyway, that's it for this update! Have a nice day/evening everyone. :3
Tags: deerling, dewott, emolga, minccino, oshawott, shinx
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