harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Zukan Co-Host (Found)

Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting a GA for the following set. There was one that was successful before and I thought I'd try again to get the comm more rare Zukans. But as it's my first attempted GA, I'm looking for a cohost with experience and will be willing to do post and threads. i will do the Y!J bidding (through middleman) and shipping. Hope to get this started asap. (Also I will be claiming scizor)

GA Starting up soon, keep a look out for it.

Also note that all packages from the motion toys GB has been sent out.

On another note, I went to my local toys r us and its cool they have Tomy Plush (including the huge ones) and MC, anyone interested?

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