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A Tale of Two Dragons

I come to you today with a tale of two special gets.I have recently aquired in the space of 24hrs. Like all good stories we have two packages Asterix When i was 12, i have a faverite plush. I found him at a bootfair. He was my first dragon pokemon plush and loved him. Untill i decded that i was too old for pokemon and donated him. Soon afer i regretted it and have never seen him again. You might remember me wanting him.My jaw dropped when i saw him on ebay. So i bid and won. Almost getting sniped in the process. He is ASTERIX the BK dragonair! Gleador. Last year I had a bad year. I broke up with my boyfriend and wanted something to cheer me up. I wanted a dragonite olush. Either canvas or the pokedoll. I chose the canvas- now known as Frisby However when i went back for the pokedoll. he had gone.never saw one again. Untill i joined this comm. I saw him in Rachelids GA. and had to have him. So i bid on it and won. Thank you Rachelid for running the GA. He is Gleador ; One last thing.... When i got back from uni last thursaday, THIS was on my bed. Any ideas? One clue- call me dragonrider!4/"><< ;yes its a wailord plush. After missing Gin's pic up I got one from Hardrock! He is called Moby Dick ( Moby for short!) Charmanders like riding wails. Big charamnder is 18 inches tall.Hopefully this time its fine! Apologies for my cut breaking damn you LJ!edit: Thanks LJ for wrecking my format!
Tags: dragonair, dragonite, plush, wailord
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