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First Sales!

Hey pkmncollectors!
You may have seen me lurking around or something or maybe I have bought some wonderful Pokemons from you. :)
Got my first sales post here today so no banner yet hahah.

Granted sales permission on 10/15/11 by dakajojo
Shipping from Utah, USA
I will ship to anywhere!
Haggling is OK, especially if you buy more than one item
I collect:

I'll accept trades for any merch related to the above Pokemon. I also like a lot of others so feel free to offer. :)
I'm not responsible for packages after they have been shipped. They're under the mercy of USPS!
I only accept Paypal.
I'm not good with pricing so if anything if super overpriced please let me know.
This is my first sales post so please forgive me if I'm a newbie to all of this!

Zorua Banpresto UFO - 10$ (NWT)
Suicune Banpresto UFO - 10$ (NWT)

Shinx Toy Factory Small - 10$ (NWT)
Shaymin Toy Factory Tush tag, no hang tag- 8$

Treecko Walky Small - 5$
Cyndaquil w/ present Shiney Banpresto UFO - 5$ (NWT)
Groudon Pokedoll Used, no tush tag - 10$

Minccino Jakks - 9$ (NWT)
Axew Jakks - 9$ (NWT)

Deerling Spring Jakks - 9$ (NWT)
Tepig Jakks - 9$ (NWT)
Snivy Jakks No tush tag - 4$
Togepi Jakks Tush tag, detached hang tag - 5$

Seel Lot - 10$

Tepig McDonalds Toy - 2$ (NIP)
Bastiodon Card Very slight bend on top of card, a bit scratched up - .50c (Or free with purchase of 10$+)
Pikachu Card A bit scratched up - .50c (Or free with purchase of 10$+)
Carnivine Card Mint - 1$ (Or free with purchase of 10$+)
Croagunk Card Mint - 1$ (Or free with purchase of 10$+)
Frost Rotom/Wash Rotom Battrio - 1$
Frost Rotom Battrio - 1$
Fan Rotom Battrio - 1$

Tags: axew, bastiodon, carnivine, croagunk, cyndaquil, deerling, groudon, minccino, pikachu, rotom, sales, seel, shaymin, shinx, snivy, suicune, tepig, togepi, treecko, zorua
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