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Updated Sales! Everything MUST Go!

Hey guys! I've finally managed to take some pictures and steal my boyfriends laptop and comprise a sales post! :D (I plan on doing an update when I get my laptop back! I am open to haggling within reason and keep in mind that prices don't include shipping (cost to ship it and cost of the package to ship it in!) or paypal fees! Please keep this in mind when buying. I got sales permission I believe on the 18th of August 2011 from denkimouse but I'm unsure of the exact date as it was saved on my laptop and well…I don't have it! I have Everything for sale from Jakks figures and plush to Tomys. I really want to only focus on the figures that really interest me and I need to condense down my collection by a lot! Please buy it up! Everything's at really low prices so take a look! and on another note I want Everything to Go! Also May sell a TON of pokemon cards. Need to take pics when I get home and my Shipping Day is Friday!

Here's a cute little sales banner I suppose (since my actual banner is on my lappy :C)

Ok, lets start with the plush. All Jakks plush are mint, some are MWT (no tags are damaged however some are curved and were like that at purchase) and are priced as such: w/o tag=$8 w/ tag =$11.50. The other plush are priced as such: Hasbro large Blaziken is $10 Fake Branpresto Arcanine is $5 I won the Charmander at a carnival years ago: $2 and togepi and meowth are $1 and the Charizard BK Plush (origianlly a "keychain") is .50 cents or free with a purchase of $5 or more. SOLD: Politoed, Hasbro Blaziken, Booty Arcanine

Next we have a BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED/USED Pokewalker: $10 SOLD

On to the figures: Almost all Jakks figures are $3 EXCEPT: The Geodude, Golems, and Machops are $2 and the Zubat, Porygon, Magmar, Silver Johto Starters, Crobat, Drifblim, the Wormadams and the Unova Jakks are $5. SOLD: Porygon 2, Squirtle

The hasbro figures are priced as such: Mew is $5 Spinarak is $8, The little ones are $1 and Anorith is .50 cents. SOLD: Poochyena

Tomys are all $1

Next I have a lot of misc toys from BK, Cereal Buddies, and other places. All the BK toys are $1 except the Dialga and Palkia boxes are $2, the Large BK Keychains are $2. The Cereal Buddies are all .50 cents. The Ash figure is $5, the misc wartortle and ultra ball figures are $1. Blastoise Squirter is $3. The spinners are $1.50 (Someone was interested in Gengar, please comment below). The master balls and little pokeball are .50 cents or free with a purchase of $5 or more. SOLD: Pikachu Spinner, Ledyba Spinner, Gengar Spinner, and Misc. Wartortle

Next are the Bath Toys: Little ones are $2 and Large one is $5. Pokemon Rollers are $1 each, Thinkchip Misdreavus is $3, All Keychains are $2. Jigglypuff tape dispenser $1, Deoxsys ball $1 and Hoothoot Powerbouncer $2 SOLD: Both Squirtle Keychains

Here we have Battle Coins. They are $6 dollars each or $15 for all 3 plus the case

Finally are .50 bootleg figures, items that are a little beat up, or things I just want to get rid of. They are all .50 cents each or free with a purchase of $5 or more. SOLD: Little Buizel, Turtwig Marble, Pika in Bottom Picture

Thanks for looking! :3

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