Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,

boring wants list + Tomy UK NEWS

Okay, firstly (:

I got into a bit of money, so i'm going to be treating myself to any zorua or eevee merch going around. I am expecially looking for the talking Zorua plush  ( which I used to own ;_; ) aannnd a eevee pokedoll ( minky ) I don't want to deal with hardrock ;___; 
I don't collect flats, please remember this! <:!  But I'll be intreasted in the original tomy zorua plush, and many little others! Feel free to offer me anything. 


In the UK, in GAME. You can buy new tomy pokemon plush, they are £10 a go.. And I got my forbidden planet magazine come in and it confirms large tomy pokemon plush ( They say 2 foot tall ) And talking plush.. They used stock photos of the japanese talking ones. Pikachus due for November release, the rest are 2012 jan.. Anyone else have any more information on them? 

they retailed them for £29.99! Just thought the com should know. :D

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