whimx (whimx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello! ^_^

i've been lurking this for over a year now so i decided to finally join. :P for awhile i've just collected small pieces and parts of my favorite pokemon, but i've finally decided on what i want to collect so it seems a perfect time for me to join ^_^

anyways, my name is sam, im a girl, and i'm from california. i'm 19. i like to sew and draw. that's about it. :P

ive started a collection on the haxorus line (haxorus is my favorite, but i axew is adorable, and fraxure is pretty cool, so i wanna collect them all!) and the ninetales line. i also have an already somewhat decently sized charmander line collection.

my axew line collection currently only has 2 items, but i hope to make it huge. my first goals for my axew collection is the big shiny axew plush, and the haxorus kid figure. i also really want the buildable set!

anyways, i also JUST joined livejournal and would like to ask, how do i do cuts? help please! :P haha. anyways i look forward to meeting you all!
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