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TCG Experts! Please answer a few general Questions! Collection & Wants!

So I have had an awesome first week here at Pokemon Collectors and have finally started my official collection. I want to collect every single set of TCGs! I also will be collecting some plushies and kids on the side - and there may be a possible fire collection in my distant future.

Thanks to the wonderfulI drag0n_aura will be VERY close to completing my very first set ever. HS unleashed! I actually had bought a booster box for these a while back but sold Crobat and Kingdra because I had one of those "Whats the point in collecting these - I never get the ones I need" moments. I also pulled each top half but i have never in all my pack opening ever opened a bottom half so I am missing these:


   and a Charmander Pokedoll... but thats probably not going to happen anytime soon XD.   
I'd really like to get a good deal for these because 10 dollars each is close to the cost of a booster box - so yeah. Also I don't have much to spend at the moment because I have set up a budget for myself.Condition isn't that important - I prefer mint/near mint but I'll take what I can get! I am also currently working on some other sets, So please contact me if you have cards to get rid of. I WILL BUY YOUR COMMONS :)
     General TCG Questions:     
- Why was there a second base set released? Does it have cards that the original set doesn't?
- What is POPs series mean?
- Why can't I seem to pull any bottoms to the legends cards? Were they released in something else?
- What is the best way to keep pokemon cards in there pages. They always fall out :(
- What is the best place to buy booster boxes and singles? (in your opinion)
- What boost box should I buy next? Like any that will be shooting up in price and now is a good time to get them?
- I got a fake booster box of cards and have virtually no use for them ( I got ripped off). I dont want to put them with my other nice real cards but I don't like to waste... Any neat ideas?
I also got a very lovely Vulpix Canvas plush in the mail today (woot!) Hope to post pics of her later : 3

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