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Some quick questions and...what would you trade your collection for?

- I wanted to get the "talk together with victini" plush, actually, i was just about to buy une from HobbyLink...but then i started getting paranoid about the taxes. I started making resarch...and wow, those people are some rats!! The plush is $41, and SAL shipping is $15, so, in an fair world, i'll be getting it for $56. BUT!!! i've seen that those taxes are around 60%...or even 77%!!  (a friend was charged that amount *gulp) and i seriously don't want to spend around 30 extra bucks in it... i was wondering, does anyone here has one for sale for around $60 shipped? (which was the original amount i was planning to spend) Or i'm asking for impossibles?

- Something much is the shining charizard card worth? its one of my grails, but it always seems to slip away from me, and in ebay it can reach the non-high-at-all amount of $1,000 (srsly?)

its sooo pretty look :D

I know i know...boring post is boring.  So:

- last thing, is there something you wish, you'd trade your entire collection for?

Y'know, that kind of wishes like "i'll give everything up to get________" but in this case...your pokemon collection.

I personally would trade every pokemon item i have, if i could be in the recording sessions of She & Him...with Zooey Deschanel. Man, i love that girl's voice. So pretty. Her band its just awesooome...i love it. Ward's guitar arrangements are also a delight, so i think...if it was possible, i would happily do the 'trade'

What do you think? anything worth your collection?

EDIT: I' very sorry guys, i've never meant to make anyone sad, or to bring memories. Buts nice to know e all here want a better world :)

I was thinking something like the aspirations each oe of us have. Something you really want to achieve or get...that sometimes in your mind seems extra-hard or impossible
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