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Hello everyone! I recently made a 1:1 dratini plushie for a friend (it's 5' 11'' in length) and thought someone might appreciate one of their own!

This is an auction for a "made to order" plushie. I will be making a replica of this plushie for the auction's winner.

Bidding begins now and will end November 23, 2011 at 11:00 p.m. central stanard time. Please wait for me to start a "bid here" thread in the comments before bidding.


  • I was granted sales permission by denkimouse in summer 2009.
  • I am located in the USA. Shipping will be calculated after the auction's completion and added to your total.
  • I can accept money orders or paypal as payment.
  • I prefer to be paid in full before the plushie's construction, but I can also accept half before construction and the remainder upon the plushie's completion.
  • The plushie will be completed by the end of December - but if you need it by Christmas, that is also doable!
  • Bid by replying to the comment with the highest bid so they will be notified that they have been outbid.
  • Sniping is not allowed. Any bids made less than five minutes apart within the last thirty minutes of the auction will automatically extend the auction by five minutes.

  • Dratini is a 1:1 scale plush at 5'11'.
  • It is made from very soft anti-pill blizzard fleece.
  • It's stuffed with poly-fil (makes the greatest body pillow or head rest). XD
  • Eyes are hand painted and heat set.

Happy bidding! :)
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