Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

Very Quick sales

My wal mart has been on the ball lately XD

I bring you two plush today for straight sale. They are $15 shipped anywhere in the USA. International is $17 :)
If they don't sell in a couple days I'll take em back to the store <3 So get em now ^__^

Prices above

All $1 each. (holo Axew too)

All $0.25 each (codes are free with purchase. One per purchase please)


I got lucky on him. He had his tush and hang tag cut off so I got him for $23 after being shipped and fees from Y!J! I bid 300 and the seller ended it after I bid! Talk about awesome!

Another awesome get. See the zukans? They are missing bases and pegs so I got the ENTIRE eevee line for $64 in the end! All I am missing is the running eevee from the F/J/V set. So if anyone wants to sell me it...HINT HINT.
The little figures are new gets too. So cute ^^

I bought the set cause it came with the victini coin I was after. But look at my great pull!
Tags: deerling, minccino, sales
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