Krista (krista0000) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG questions

When i started my collecting, i started with tcg, and they remain my biggest collection.

That being said, i've been having trouble with organizing my spares. im trying to keep one of each card of each pokemon i own in the binder, with the spares somewhere else. but i feel bad just keeping them in the box. ( plus sorting them at this point is a right pain in the butt) Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do?

And to make this post less boring, a picture and a question~

My collection! skyrim box there for size reference.

and my question is this: How do YOU keep your card collection? I do my cards by dex number, with alternate forms having their own spot.

edit: also, does anyone know how much a corsola pokedoll is worth, and how rare they are?
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