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* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* My Feedback Thread
* Collection Site w/ Top Wants List - Might consider trades
* Permanent TCG Sales/Trade Post

Please give me a new home!

Reminding you guys of my auction for Applause Eevee! Rare to find this plush with box and pokeball, not to mention she's in like new condition!
She's one of my oldest collection pieces but I felt it was time to let her move on :')
She's still at her starting bid and I can provide more photos :)
Auction ends Friday 11:59pm PST!

Lots of stuff for sale too
! Willing to haggle especially if you buy more than one thing!
Will consider trades if it's something I really want :)
Also added a few more things including custom made stickers!

And to give this entry more purpose, here's a collection update because I've received some amazing things in the past month *O*

I've finallyyy added new Munch things AFTER MONTHS of nothing new! There might be new additions next month too <3
The eating kid is definitely my favorite! I'm looking to get the kids i'm missing and the zukan and possibly some plush owo

It took me forever to finally get something of Swablu and Lotad, so excited :D! purchased from marphoria I really want -everything- of them some day x3

I got Sharpedo and Carvanha from dripbat they were base/pegless so I made them one X]! I'm thinking of taking commissions for custom bases someday, I just have to figure out if it'll work.. (I stuck them in the clay before I baked it so they'd have indentations to sit correctly)
Garchomp is actually for mandysaurus_rex I don't have anywhere else to keep customs in progress XD; Though he looks so good next to Sharpedo that now I want to collect full gible line @__@'

I added a few more things to this shelf, small aipom, bonsly bottlecap, lotad roller thing, breloom, tropius, turtwig, and pachirisu!
Mostly from captainangel and shiningmew ^^
Also more customs in progress blocking everyone behind them lmao

I dont think anything new is here but before I didnt have the tins/flats with them :)
I really like the setup but once I get jakks wave 3 things will change yet again!

I got giant Torchic from captainangel and he is my absolute favoritee! Mudkip from that set will be joining them soon X3
Out of all my favorite starters, Turtwig is the only one I need a plush of :/ One day day ;o;

My favorite flat item would be the giant Chimchar bag, took me 6 months to finally get one!
I want a second one due to the image being different on the other side X]

DUSKULLLLLLLL. THE SQUISHY FLUFFY ONE *O* He also took me 6 months to finally get one, thanks captainangel <3!

I finally got more chics and chimchar figures YAY They're in need of painting but that will have to wait :( Check out that cute art captainangel did for me <3!!!!

she also made me a spoink charm *O*

BOTTLECAP FIGURES! I got them all from captainangel :P
Now I believe I'm only missing Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, & Manaphy! (of the ones I want/know about)

The rest got rearranged to make room for the bottlecaps xD Oh I totally forgot to put poliwrath and charmeleon up for sale...
I'd part with beedrill, rattata, and raticate too if anyone interested XD

Mew and Mewtwo get to hang out with my Chi collection now X3 Also jakks Drifloon because he kept falling on my zukans .__.'
Oldddd custom togepi/egg I did years ago with Nyanko-sensei I made a few months ago in back ^^

I decided Ash needs to hang out with all my pikas <3 Oh and look, more bottlecaps from captainangel XD!
PMD figure is from her too, omg so cute. I reallyyy want the full set, like so bad that I consider them my grail, MAYBE EVEN MY HOLY GRAIL OF GRAILS (figure-wise)

I dont remember if I showed these last time, got them from yaoi_queen
They're adorable but I honestly got them for the cute tags xD! Also thought it was unheard of to be lacking a pika plush!

Nothing new here but incase you havent seen my collection before..~

I got the seal holder from captainangel as well AND OMG I AM IN LOVEEEE It just happens to have some of my favorite pokemon <3 Though mostly got it to have -something- with Larvitar in my collection (he's one of my top favs yet I had nothing but TCG!)

Cacnea came from shiningmew and Skitty from captainangel (easily my favorite figure, does anyone know of similar ones, from same set or something??)
Carnivine isn't normally here but I'm making a plush of him so I keep him near me as a reference! Also the Hoppip and Maractus customs are for eevie_chu they wanted to be in the picture X]

I save all the packaging from figures/cards so one day when I was sick and incapable of doing anything else I cut them all up xD
I'll probably turn some into stickers (like the type circles)

And that concludes my collection update! Next month I will have a -huge- update, HUGE. I'm so excited I can't wait for everything to get in *O*/
I'm currently trying to save up for a Torchic canvas, so I hope that will be in the next collection update too <3

Thanks for looking everyone! Don't forget to check out my sales/trades X]!
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